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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Atlanta Amphibian Conservation Update

In the next week, we are moving to a new level in amphibian conservation. It’s an exciting time for change and growth. We have the most incredible, passionate and talented partners and are looking forward to getting out there and conserving frogs and salamanders. Change also inspires me to reflect on the past bunch of years and some of the awesome species we have worked with -  the opportunities and as well as accomplishments. This is a repost, but it is one of my favorite pictures from ABG. This is a Granular Glass Frog, Cochranella granulosa. This picture was taken with my phone, through the glass of one of the frogs on exhibit. It was directly after the exhibit misting and the frog just looked so perfect. I was lucky that it stayed still and allowed me to get this shot. Glass frogs are transparent on their ventral surface, but their dorsal coloration can be quite beautiful. C. granulosa often has shades of blue mixed with green on their dorsum

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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Crowned, or Coronated Tree Frog is a spectacular species from Central America

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2bFz9X2.Their common name comes from the bony points behind the eyes.

Developing Crowned Tree Frog larvae are #ObligateEggFeeders and pictured here is the female depositing unfertilized eggs into the ‘tree hole’ for the tadpoles to eat. My preliminary observations indicate the larvae need both her eggs and her feces to consume in order to develop properly. This behavior demonstrates the lack of other natural sources for nutrition inside of the tree holes that Anotheca use to reproduce. #oophagy #coprophagy

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Tomorrow is the day! - The next Atlanta Amphibian Identification Workshop is happening Sunday, August 28th at Kavarna in Decatur @kavarnadecatur

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2bpCBoA. This event is a joint production of the Garden's 'Metro Atlanta Amphibian Monitoring Program' (maamp.us) and the Atlanta Science Tavern. Come and learn how to identify the 28 species of urban amphibians we are lucky enough to have in our neighborhoods! For more information, see the link below: http://ift.tt/29zMK0X #MAAMP #AmphibianMonitoring #AmphibianConservation #CitizenScience #CitizenScientist #Frogs #Salamanders #AmphibianFoundation #ysci