Sunday, March 26, 2017

Kurt Buhlmann — Partner and Herpetologist Extraordinaire visits the foundation!

Kurt, Professor at UGA and Herpetologist at the Savannah River Ecology Lab is also a partner on the Flatwoods Salamander Recovery project. He was in town and able to visit the foundation, see the Salamander Lab, as well as an actual adult GA Frosted Flatwoods Salamander (pictured). That particular life stage of the Georgia animals is nearly impossibly to find in nature.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The #AtlSciFest Outreach Event at the Outdoor Activity Center (#WAWA) was a lot of fun!

Princess in front of the amazing banner that the Georgia Reptile Society designed and had printed for us!
We had a great crew today with Emily, Ryan and Ellen helping carry the biology and conservation message to kids.
Ellen stretching out a Ball Python for the kids

Emily and Ellen

Ryan and the Argentine Boa
Possibly the best thing that happened today was seeing these twins and the constrictors

Hands-down the coolest dude of the day

Sloan (AKA Gigi) was awesome

Patricia became an immediate spokesperson for the Amphibian Foundation

The first time she ever held a snake! That's what it is all about


Yes, a SECOND set of twins with the snakes today

This picture ...

Sunday, March 19, 2017

#AtlSciFest Amphibian Walk @ Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve!

As part of the Atlanta Science Festival, the Amphibian Foundation and Blue Heron Nature Preserve put on an Amphibian Walk at CSNP in Decatur. This is one of our favorite amphibian spots in the metro area and we weren't disappointed!

It rained that morning so turnout was actually pretty light, but that made it a more intimate event — AtlSciFest Volunteers including Photographer Craig Colsky and the foundation head out and found lots and lots of amphibians. (Photos by Craig Colsky)

Mark Mandica, Executive Director of The Amphibian Foundation stands next to an ambitious list of amphibians we were hoping to see on our amphibian walk.

Mark explaining the dynamics of an ephemeral wetland

A Spotted Salamander (Ambystoma maculatum) egg mass

Crystal Mandica, Co-founder of The Amphibian Foundation holding a Spotted Salamander egg mass
Southern Red-back Salamander, Plethodon serratus

Daylin was very curious, but didn't want to get too close

Kathy was a wonderful Atlanta Science Festival volunteer, who seemed to enjoy learning about salamanders
Plethodon grobmani, the Slimy Salamander, was probably the most frequently encountered species that day.

A wonderful close-up of a Slimy Salamander

Suzette and Daylin were great and we all had a wonderful time!

Hiking towards the back of the nature preserve

Crystal found more salamanders than anybody that day — it's like she can smell them!
The crew of the #AtlSciFest Amphibian Walk: Kathy, Crystal, David, Daylin, Suzetta and Linda

Crystal looking of the Beaver-impacted ephemeral wetland

Another shot of the team., this time with Mark as well.

Daylin's first time seeing salamander eggs

As Mark is showing here — We did pretty good! We didn't see everything on our list, but found some animals not even on it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning comes to the Amphibian Foundation!

Alexis Noel, First Author of our recent publication in the Royal Society of Biology — wired for sound!

Tracy Duncan and David Gladstone get the #SalamanderLab ready for action —

A peak inside the #SalamanderLab during filming Alexis' interview
Faith Salie of CBS Sunday Morning and Alexis

Producer, Anthony Laudato and Princess (Giant Toad, Rhinella marina)

I couldn't decide which Anthony/Princess picture was better

A curious Princess approaches David Gladstone (CBS News Cameraman)

Princess just goes ahead and jumps on his camera

During the frog feeding portion of the show (in the Burrow of Blue Heron Nature Preserve)

Alexis and Faith admiring the beauty of a Red-eyed Leaf Frog, Agalychnis callidryas

Full Crew - Tracy Duncan (sound), David Gladstone (Camera), Faith Salie (Correspondent) and Anthony Laudata (Producer) ... and of course, Princess

'Ready for your close-up?'

There wasn't much free time, but Faith and Princess had time for female-bonding
We will keep you posted when this episode airs! It could be soon or it could be months from now!