Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Green Spiny Toad, Incilius coniferus is a semi arboreal species from Panama. The species is #sexuallydimorphic and while the female is atypically not colorful, both sexes have beautiful green eyes. Here is a male Green Spiny Toad on exhibit today in the Conservatory lobby. #toad #Incilius #Inciliusconiferus #Bufonidae #amphibiansofpanama

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#Anotheca spinosa, the Crowned Tree Frog on exhibit today in the #Panama display. The parents of this frog and many other Panamanian species were collected during a 2005 expedition to Panama to rescue amphibians from a chytrid fungus outbreak that was wiping out 85% of the frogs from that region. This was done in collaboration with @zooatlanta and @evacc @edgriffith23 #captivebreeding #amphibiansofinstagram #amphibianconservation #frogPOD #frogsneedourhelp #hylidae

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A great article about the State Botanical Garden's invasive plant removal practices and how UGAv has linked invasive Japanese Stiltgrass to amphibian mortality.