Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Colombia's Terrible trio

Deadly and Beautiful

Phyllobates bicolor, one of the 3 Colombian
species that are lethal to humans
We had an incredible turnout for the 11 am Saturday frog feeding this week! No doubt, in part, due to the opening of Orchid Daze here in the Orchid Center.

There was an especially large crowd gathered around at the 'Colombia's Terrible Trio' display, featuring some of the most toxic animals on the planet! These frogs are always hungry! One important thing to note: the frogs are HARMLESS in captivity—Though I wouldn't recommend handling one! They get their poison from their specific diet in the wild. Here at the garden they are fed an assortment of small bugs, which keeps them healthy and happy, and fortunately for us—harmless.
Phyllobates terribilis

We wear gloves when handling them anyway, for their protection and ours. Come and check them out, these frogs are not shy!