Thursday, March 4, 2010

Marsupial Frogs

Marsupial frogs are amazing animals. When breeding, the male will fertilize the eggs and aid in placing them in the female's brooding pouch on her back. Most frogs will lay their eggs in the water where they will develop without the help or protection of either parent, but the female Marsupial frog will carry her young in her pouch until they are ready to emerge as tiny froglets.

Female Marsupial frog

We have 2 of these beautiful frogs on display in our 'Frogs of Panama' exhibit, and both of them were born here in our frogPOD!

Currently, in our frogPOD, there is a female brooding another clutch of eggs. We are all waiting patiently and not disturbing her for the three months it takes for them to develop. We will keep you posted and hopefully soon, we will have new Marsupial froglets of this endangered species!