Saturday, March 27, 2010

The New Okipipi Exhibit

The Okipipi Exhibit
Our 'blue frogs' exhibit has been renovated and moved to the other side of the conservatory lobby! Now, you can find it to the right as you walk in, next to the 'Colombia's Terrible Trio' exhibit.

The tank is well lit, spacious, and has 6 inhabitants, all juvenile dart frogs which were born here in our captive breeding facility. Although they are all technically the same species, they look very different. They are still getting used to their new environment, so you may have to look for a minute or two before you can see them... but it is worth it! These are incredible frogs and I am looking forward to watching them grow up in their new home.

Sipaliwini morph
Azureus (l) and Sipaliwini morphs

<Missing from the photo lineup is the 'giant orange' morph. Look for a black and yellow-orange frog. Hopefully, I will have some pictures soon>