Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Our New Salamander Exhibit!

Aneides, the Green salamander
The amphibian conservation program welcomes a new order of amphibians—Salamanders! Come and check out our display of 4 species of native Georgian salamanders. These animals were all collected (with permits) by our amphibian conservation team to promote amphibian and conservation awareness—especially since salamanders face many of the same environmental threats as their frog relatives.

Dante, Robert and Mark spent the day @ Pigeon Mountain (NW Georgia) looking for these elusive creatures.

Talk about elusive! There are 12 salamanders in the exhibit, and although typically you can see all 12 at any given moment... it's not easy! Salamanders are usually shy animals and they have lots of places to hide. Here are some of Dante's amazing pictures so you know what you are looking for next time you are in the Fuqua Conservatory lobby!