Monday, April 11, 2011

This weekend at the Garden ...

As things continue to warm up here in Atlanta, even the neotropical frogs in our captive breeding program are responding to the warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours.

With all this increased activity, I was happy to have my camera with me ... I was even able to record one of our male Gastrotheca cornuta (Horned marsupial frogs) calling!


One of four calling male Gastrotheca in the frogPOD yesterday
Epipedobates spp. — a possible hybrid in the Rotunda. 
Pictured above is a poison frog in the Conservatory. Edward and I have had our eyes on this one for several weeks now, and we think it is possibly a hybrid between the 2 Epipedobates species living in the 'Gardens Under Glass'. E. tricolor (Phantasmal poison frog) is brown with bright green stripes on the flanks and green dorsum, whereas E. anthonyi (no common name) is burgundy red with 3 baby blue stripes down the back. The frog pictured above appears to be a 'washed out' burgundy red with no dorsal pattern and faint green stripes on the flanks. Even the experts have trouble telling these 2 species apart.

Eleutherodactylus coqui ... hiding out for the day.

Our adult Gopher frog in the education collection.
Founder Anotheca spinosa (Crowned tree frog) in amplexus, with eggs on inside of 'tree hole'
So photogenic! One of our greenhouses residents (Alligator snapping turtle) posing while his housing is being cleaned