Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Notes from the Field: Dante in Brasil

Ancistrus cryptophthalmus 
Blind fish can be found in caves around the world. One of the biodiversity hotspots for cave fish is Brasil. Because there are so many species of fish in Brasil from many different families, it should come as no surprise that Brasilian cave fish come from many different families of fish. The diversity of cave fish is truly unbelievable. One of our conservation biologists, Dr. Danté Fenolio, is in Brasil and has visited the labs of several professors that study these fish. He would like to thank Drs. Eleonora Trajano and Maria Elina Bichuette for all of their wonderful hospitality. The following images demonstrate the exceptional diversity of Brasilian cave fish. Enjoy!

Ituglanis epikarsticus 

Ituglanis passensis

Pimelodella kronei

Rhamdia enfurnada

Rhamdiopsis krugi

Rhamdiopsis species

Stygicthys typhlops

Trichomycterus itacarambienss

Trichomycterus itacarambienss, normal form

Trichomycterus species