Sunday, June 5, 2011

More great news from Chile!

'To the Garden Community,

A captive bred Darwin's frog is held by a researcher shortly after it was coughed up from its dad's vocal sac. Ten baby frogs were coughed up at a breeding facility in Chile on Thursday.
Our little project in Chile just hit another milestone, we have male Darwin’s Frogs “coughing up” babies as you read this.  This year had a bumper crop of baby Darwin’s Frogs born and bred in the lab that we established in Santiago, Chile.  I believe that this is a moment that the Garden can be very proud of.  Darwin’s Frogs, along with many of South Chile’s amphibians, are imperiled owing to a host of anthropogenic environmental problems.  Most certainly, the international media is paying attention.  The largest newspaper in Chile is at the facility now taking pictures and doing interviews for a story.  Next week, the facility will be featured on a mainstream TV channel in Chile.  The zoo in Santiago just elected to do a series of adds across TV and radio that will use our Darwin’s Frog conservation project as the “cornerstone” of their conservation efforts.  MSN News just interviewed me and produced this story:

Just wanted to pass along the good news and the media coverage.' — Dante Fenolio