Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Colombia exhibit's renovation has inspired some new behaviors

The 'mint' morph of the Poison frog Phyllobates terribilis, singing his heart out in his new  habitat
Recently, our 'Colombia's Terrible Trio' exhibit has had some remodeling. New plants, substrate and leaf litter has made the bold frogs even easier to view. These are some of the oldest frogs we have in our collection (besides our Horned frog which is over 30 now!) Some of these bright yellow frogs are close to 15 years old ... Since I have been here (about a year and a half) I have regularly seen the males calling, especially after their morning misting, but it seems their new 'digs' have inspired even more breeding behaviors, including egg deposition!

Several times now, I have seen pairs of both species of poison frogs courting in front of the large palm frond lying across the bottom of the enclosure. ... Come and see for yourself!