Sunday, July 24, 2011

The first batch of Gopher frogs have been released!!!

The second batch of Gopher froglets. Once we get 200 or so,  we make the journey to South GA where they are released back into the wild.
Last week, 219 of our head-started Gopher frogs (Lithobates capito) have been released into suitable Southern GA habitat as newly metamorphosed froglets! The Atlanta Botanical Garden, in conjunction with many other concerned and dedicated institutions in Georgia have, for several years, been trying to increase population numbers of this endangered frog species.

So far, over 700 froglets have been released with 100s more tadpoles still developing. For more information, please click the Gopher frog link at the top of our blog, or come by the Garden to see our Gopher frog tadpole exhibit. We have lots of tadpoles in various stages of development.

Since the initial release, many more frogs have emerged from our rearing tanks, where they will be counted weighed and measured before being released.