Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our second batch of Gopher froglets released!

Our second batch of Gopher frog | Lithobates capito metamorphs raised at the Garden has been released in South Georgia. This totals close to 500 Gopher frogs released from Atlanta Botanical Garden so far this year!

Gopher frogs | Lithobates capito are potentially cannibalistic which prohibits them from being kept communally. Salsa cups with moss work nicely for transporting them individually to the release site.

A Gopher froglet ready for head-starting

Robert Hill manages the Garden's contributions to the Gopher frog head-starting project.  He is pictured here with the latest batch of Gopher frog metamorphs.

John Jensen, state herpetologist for the GA Department of Natural Resources,  coordinates the entire labor intensive project in Georgia.