Sunday, October 9, 2011

Our new 'Okopipi' exhibit

'Giant Orange' morph of Dendrobates tinctorius

'Sipaliwini' morph of D. tinctorius

The 'Azureus' morph (middle) of D. tinctorius 
a tinct showdown

Robert and I finally had the chance to build and exhibit together this past Monday. It seems the poison frogs in our new
Okipipi exhibit are settling in nicely. They were out all day today foraging and figuring out who's spot was who's.

There are many 'morphs' or variations of Dendrobates tinctorius, depending on where they occur in South America. The 'Cobalt' morph is the predominant color variation, occurring throughout most of its range. It is also the nominate morph, meaning the species was originally described from the Cobalts (see below)
The 'Cobalt' morph of D. tinctorius