Monday, May 14, 2012

Species Highlight: Crowned tree frog

Anotheca spinosa | Crowned tree frog on display in the Frogs of Panama exhibit.
 Anotheca spinosa, the Crowned tree frog is one of the species originally collected in Panama by Garden and Zoo Atlanta staff in 2005, when Panamanian amphibian species were being threatened by a fungal outbreak in the region. This fungus, Bd or 'chytrid' ultimately did inoculate the area causing widespread frog death across many species. Chytrid inhibits the animal's ability to respire.

There is only one frog with huge fingers like that in the Panama exhibit — Anotheca

Today in the frogPOD ... Original Panamanian Crowned tree frogs in amplexus, with eggs deposited along the inside of their 'tree hole' just above the water