Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Attack of the Cave Salamanders!

Cave salamanders emerging from their burrows in the front of the Salamanders of Georgia display

Of the six amphibian exhibits in the Conservatory lobby, the Salamanders of Georgia display contains some of the shyest animals we have ever tried to exhibit. In fact, most visitors don't believe there are eleven full-grown salamanders in there!

A couple of weeks ago, during the 11 am exhibit feeding, a salamander phenomena occurred, and practically every salamander in the tank emerged and fed! Initially, they seemed to stay at their burrow entrances using their tongues to feed as crickets would pass by, but then that was abandoned for right out biting lunges at the prey (as if to not leave anything to chance). These salamanders are fed at that time several times a week, so why they chose to demonstrate their predatory prowess at that particular time — I have no idea. Fascinating though.

 Luckily, a visitor was right there with the camera and was able to get some great pictures of the animals ... thank you Stephen!