Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's great to be back!

It has been a busy summer here in the amphibian program. For me, it was hard to be gone for the entire month of June, and then again for another week last week at IHS.

The Costa Rica exhibit. This picture illustrates the differential leaf side preference of the two resident species of Tree frog. Lemur frogs typically sleep on the underside of leaves, whereas glass frogs will stick to the tops.
Here are some recent pictures of some of the frogs I missed so much while I was gone, many of which are currently in breeding groups for the summer...

Incilius conifera (Bufo conifera) | Green spiny toad in the Panama exhibit

Splendid leaf frog | Cruziohyla calcarifer in the Colombia exhibit.

One of our newest additions, the Green and black poison frog | Dendrobates auratus

The Green and black poison frogs were shy at first, but now you can usually see at least a few of the five at any point in the day. Here they are in a 'coconut hut' placed in there to encourage reproduction.

The Horned marsupial frogs | Gastrotheca cornuta are not currently on exhibit, but in our research facility called the frogPOD.