Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hike and Seek in Piedmont Park!

The Amphibian Conservation program was invited to participate in this year's 'Hike and Seek' event in Piedmont Park. Hike and Seek is a national and annual event designed by National Wildlife Federation to get families outside and learning ...

Anthony and Lauren volunteered to talk with families and help wrangle critters

Anthony and I in front of the Conservation Program's table at Hike and Seek

We brought 'Romeo' from the reflecting pond outside the Fuqua Conservatory to provide a hands on frog experience. Anthony helped some of the younger participants, some of which had never held a frog before!
We brought some amphibians from our conservation and education collections, as well as a 'wild' Bullfrog from one of the outdoor Garden ponds (and a couple of turtles too) to participate in the event and share with families about amphibians and why we should pay attention to them.