Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Amphibians on exhibit update

The Granular Glass frog | Cochranella granulosa is almost always sitting out, rather cooperatively in plain view

The Costa Rica exhibit - can you spot the newly emerged Lemur froglet?

A close up of the last Lemur frog metamorph from the first batch of 12 larvae put on exhibit last January!  6 new tadpoles are now inhabiting the water feature at the front of the exhibit.
Here is the Lemur froglet | Agalychnis lemur, moments out of the water.

Black-legged poison frog | Phyllobates bicolor, surveying the feast of wingless fruit flies before it.

One of the Green and Black Poison frogs | Dendrobates auratus posing for the camera. Although there are 5 of these on display in the Costa Rica exhibit, they are not always in view

The Mimic Poison frog | Ranitomeya imitator from the Amazon Exhibit

One of the salamanders in the Salamanders of Georgia exhibit. This Green salamander is probably the least reclusive of the ELEVEN salamanders residing in there.

The Fringed limbed leaf frog | Cruziohyla craspedopus practically begs me to take his picture everyday. This is the look he gave me when I open the top to feed him

A Green spiny toad | Incilius coniferus and two Rocket frogs | Colostethus pratti sharing the bromeliad in the Panama display