Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ask the frog staff: Parental Care in Poison frogs

  1. Excuse me, i've got a question about dendrobatidae : Is Dendrobates Pumilio the only species whose females carry tadpoles on their backs, or not ?
    Thanks (Ivan L)
  2. Epipedobates tricolor transporting tadpoles across the conservatory to a suitable water source
    Thanks, Ivan ... Dendrobates pumilio (now Oophaga pumilio) like most frogs in the dendrobatidae family transport their larvae to a suitable aquatic environment after hatching. Often times, it is the female but sometimes it can be the male. If I remember correctly, larvae can be transported by either in O. pumilio, but most often it is the female ...

    Thanks for your question! I find parental care in frogs—and particularly Poison frogs— fascinating
    — Mark