Monday, September 2, 2013

Glass Frogs (and the Garden) to be featured on Unusual Creatures ... and PBS in the Fall

After meeting with Michael Hearst of Unusual Creatures, I learned that this Glass Frog (Cochranella granulosa) may be the only Glass Frog on exhibit in the US! She is generally always out in plain view in our Costa Rica exhibit.

Earlier this summer, I was visited by Michael Hearst and his partner/camera man, Joe Beshenkovsky who were looking to film and learn about Glass Frogs (family: centrolenidae) for their show called Unusual Creatures (the first season of which has been picked up by PBS). Mike informed me they had been looking everywhere for a place that was working with Glass Frogs, and told me that the Garden may very well be the only institution with Glass Frogs on exhibit! Keep checking back and there will be a short video, featuring Glass Frogs at the Garden due out sometime this fall!

Joe, Michael and myself posing with one of the Garden's frogs after a long morning of filming

Michael Hearst standing in front of Earth Goddess. They are planning on including some of the sites from the Garden in their show.
Michael has found a way to feature 'unlikely creatures' such as Glass Frogs with unlikely musical accompaniment, such as a Glass Armonica. Mike finds rare critters to feature and composes interesting musical pieces to celebrate them with. If you would like to hear the Glass Frog track, click here ....

Joe and Mike came all the way down from NYC to film and learn about Glass Frogs at the Garden

Three of the five species of centrolenids in our collection are housed in the frogPOD

They had to disinfect their gear before entering the frogPOD—our most biosecure facility housing some of the rarest animals on earth
 Cecilia Brauer, playing the Glass Armonica for the musical recording 'Glass Frogs' on Unusual Creatures (photo by Michael Hearst) to hear the track, click here!