Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Replanting the Colombia and Costa Rica Exhibits

The Frogs of Colombia exhibit, with some of the plants replaced with endemic plants from the Fuqua Orchid Center. This is a project between me, Becky Brinkman (Orchid Center Manager) and Chris Miller, a new volunteer here and accomplished amphibian exhibit designer.
Triolena and a Masdevallia orchid. The orchid is a hybrid as is the Phyllobates terribilis x P. bicolor next to it
Phyllobates terribilis and a flowering Masdevallia
A cheerful expression on this Phyllobates

All three Phyllobates variations on exhibit: Phyllobates terribilis (mint), P. bicolor and P. terribilis (gold)

Phyllobates often find a nice perch to claim
The Costa Rica exhibit. If you look closely, you can spot at least 2 Agalychnis lemur, the critically endangered Lemur Leaf Frog
Agalychnis lemur, with the new Microgamma above his right shoulder

A Lemur Frog peeking out behind a new Masdevallia

Dendrobates auratus is one of the shyer frogs we have on exhibit

A Lemur Frog enjoying some of the new plantings