Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Documentary will feature the Garden's frogPOD

Louie Psihoyos, documentary film-maker who was awarded an Oscar (best documentary) for his film 'The Cove', is completing a new documentary on the global endangered species crisis. Louie's own personal concerns for the environment are reflected in his film topics and in the founding of the Oceanic Preservation Society. The Cove brought awareness to the continued slaughter of dolphins in Taitzi Bay, which is estimated at over 20,000 dolphin/year.

His next documentary will highlight the imperiled species from around the world. The amphibian component will feature our Amphibian Conservation Program and was filmed in the frogPOD. The frogPOD houses, in isolation from other amphibians, one of the rarest assemblages of amphibians — all rescued from a chytrid fungus outbreak in Central Panama in 2005. Not the most spacious of places to film, but it worked. I will be sure to post when the movie is released.

Here are some pictures from the filming.

Joel Sartore, Nation Geographic photographer who helped get the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Treefrog's story out in July 2013 edition of Nation Geographic magazine.

Axle is the photographer for the film. They were all careful to disinfect any equipment that might come into contact with the frogs, or brought in brand new stuff

Gastrotheca cornuta, the Eyelash Marsupial Frog is an extremely rare and photogenic species

They wanted to be sure to get a shot of the frogPOD with the Atlanta skyline in the background
Louie, Axle and Joel photographing what is believed to be the last Ecnomiohyla rabborum in existence
A pair of critically endangered Lemur Leaf Frogs, Agalychnis lemur

Anthony was assisting and brought his style to the 'set'

Axle, Mickey (Sound guy), Louie, Joel and myself after the session. (photo by nooch)
The Rabbs' FLTF struck a particularly striking pose after he was returned to the enclosure

Another shot by nooch: Axle, Mickey, Joel, Louie and myself