Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Rabbs' Fringed Limbed Tree Frog and other species projected on the UN Building last weekend!

Rabbs' Fringe Limbed Tree Frog from central Panama. Only one remains — pictured above — a male who resides in the Garden's frogPOD. Photo by Joel Sartore, National Geographic.
In June, Louie Psihoyos, Academy Award winning documentary film-maker for his movie The Cove, was at the Garden with his crew to film our amphibian collections for his upcoming film Racing Extinction (@Extinction_OPS). The film, due out in 2015, brings awareness to the global extinction crisis, much like how his amazing documentary brought awareness to the plight of the dolphins in Japan. We were honored to be asked to contribute to this project, which will undoubtedly bring the extinction crisis — arguably effecting the amphibians most of all — to the awareness of the general public.

To promote awareness of the extinction crisis and the upcoming film, a 30 story high visual saga was projected on the side of the UN building in NYC last weekend. The project is called #ProjectingChange. A video of the event, including a 30 story Rabbs' Fringe Limbed Tree Frog can been seen here.

The last known Rabbs' Fringe Limbed Tree Frog spectacularly projected on the side of the UN building last weekend for #ProjectChange
Another still from #ProjectChange
A clip from the #ProjectChange video, featuring Rabbs', Ecnomiohyla rabborum