Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Parental Care: The Neat Egg Guarding Behavior of Glass Frogs

A male Sachatamia albomaculata, the White Spotted Glass Frog guarding its eggs
I was honored to be asked to give a lecture last night at the Garden for "Dinner in the Garden' ... There were 120 people in attendance, and I wanted to cover  'Behind the Scenes' information to the audience for each of the six amphibian exhibits we have in the Fuqua Conservatory lobby. I also wanted to update the audience on the achievements of our Amphibian Conservation Program over the past year or so — the new initiatives we have begun, and the successes of the Gopher Frog Head-Starting program.

Recently, I was watching a documentary with my son, Anthony entitled: The Secret Life of Predators. In one of the episodes called 'Stealth', it shows some excellent footage of a male glass frog defending its eggs from predatory wasps. As I was describing this egg guarding behavior of Glass Frogs in my talk, I thought I should include this excellent footage. I am glad I did! By the time the 2 minute video was over, the entire audience was applauding and cheering!