Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wonderful Behind-the-Scenes Tours and Collaborative Discussions Today in Amphibian Conservation

I had the privilege today of meeting with two groups and talking about amphibian conservation, our program and ways to collaborate to get the word out about amphibian declines by getting our community involved!

First, I met with Aaron and Cleo from #weloveatl, a native metro Atlanta social phenomenon. I met Aaron and Cleo when he and I both gave talks at the TEDx conference in April at GA Tech. I have been looking forward to meeting with them to discuss uniting the Garden and our Amphibian Conservation Program with the enthusiasm of his #weloveatl community.

Aaron (one of the founders of #weloveatl) and Cleo outside of the frogPOD. I had a wonderful visit with them today.
Secondly, I met with some of the Garden staff from the Advancement and Development teams, and showed them around our amphibian conservation collections. Unfortunately, we don't often get to spend time with member of other departments, and I was grateful that that took me up on my offer to show them some of the frogs, salamanders and turtles that Leslie and I get to spend so much of our time with. It was another great visit — two in one day!

Lulu, Becky, Katie and Jessie came to visit today from the Garden House and we had a great time touring the collections. Here they are in the Conservatory with our female Central American Wood Turtle (Rhinoclemmys pulcherrima)