Sunday, September 6, 2015

Agalychnis spurelli, the Gliding Leaf Frog is a beautiful, unique species of #leaffrog . We have been working with this species as part of a collaboration with the #Vivarium at the Manchester Museum. Most frogs have a third 'eyelid' or membrane known as the nictating membrane. It extends up from the lower eyelid and offers protection to the frog's eyes. In some cases, like here with the Gliding Leaf Frog, the nictating membrane can camouflage the eye itself while the frog sleeps. This allows the frog to remain vigilant while resting. The nictating membrane of the frogs in the family of Leaf and Monkey Frogs #Phyllomedusinae can be quite spectacular. #Agalychnisspurelli #Agalychnis #nictatingmembrane #camouflage

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