Saturday, September 12, 2015

Phyllobates terribilis, the Golden Poison Frog from Colombia is one of the most lethal organisms on the planet. The toxic secretions in this frog's skin are poisonous enough to kill more than a few adult humans - just by touching the frog. In captivity however, Poison Frogs are harmless. They derive their toxin from their diet, sequestering compounds from their prey to make a super poison. In captivity, without access to the invertebrates from their native range, these frogs lose their toxicity. Despite being lethal in the wild, Golden Poison Frogs struggle with the causes of the global amphibian declines and are an endangered species. #toxin #toxicity #poisonfrog #Phyllobates #Phyllobatesterribilis #frogsneedourhelp #FrogsofColombia #Dendrobatidae #yellowfrog #FrogsofInstagram

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