Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The White-spotted Glass Frog, Sachatamia albomaculata from #Panama.

This is the father of the #tadpoles I posted a picture of yesterday, and the one who was calling in the recent video as well. This is one of the species we rescued with @zooatllanta from the emergent infectious disease - chytrid. In 2005, chytrid fungus was decimating amphibian populations in Central America, and the Garden and Zoo went to rescue species ahead of the outbreak and safe guard then in captivity until a solution was discovered. After the 2005 rescue mission, the chytrid fungus came and killed an estimated 85% of the amphibians. Sachatamia albomaculata is an example of one of the success stories we have had the joy of experiencing. Producing large numbers of offspring and donating them to partner institutions around the US. We have had a chance to learn a lot about these frogs and ideally have numbers to return to Panama when it's safe for them once again in the wild. #Sachatamiaalbomaculata #Sachatamia #Centrolenidae #GlassFrog #frogPOD #AmphibianConservation