Saturday, November 21, 2015

Amphibian Conservation Program Initiative 2: Head-starting the Carolina Gopher Frog, Lithobates capito. In partnership with GA DNR, UGA, Zoo Atlanta and others, we have been head-starting Georgia's rarest frog for almost 8 years. Each year, eggs are collected and reared in captivity, where we can perfect then from predators and well as environmental threats such as desiccation. Froglets are released into TNC managed and protected land in South West Georgia. In 2013, we confirmed the first evidence that these head-started experimentally released frogs were teaching adulthood in the wild and reproducing on their own. #Lithobates #Lithobatescapito #GopherFrog #HeadStart #Head-Start #AmphibianConservation #Ranidae

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