Thursday, November 19, 2015

Initiative 1, Part 5. Captive breeding of rare and endangered species.

The Fringed Leaf Frog is a unique and beautiful species, though they have recently hit the pet trade through select private breeders and specialty frog shops (like Black Jungle) Little is known about their natural history, and status on the wild because the frog rarely, if ever comes to the ground. They are a canopy dwelling species and blend in perfectly in that ecotone. We were one if the first places to breed this species in captivity, and the first to exhibit them. Currently, we have 6 on display in our Frogs of the Amazon exhibit, with Mimic Poison Frogs. We have donated some of the offspring to Zoo Atlanta, the Shedd Aquarium and the Vivarium at the Manchester Museum. #Cruziohyla #Cruziohylacraspedopus #Phyllomedusinae #LeafFrog #CaptiveAssuranceColonies #CaptiveBreeding