Thursday, December 3, 2015

A still from last night's premiere of #RacingExtinction . There wasn't much attention paid to the #GlobalAmphibianDeclines (there are more endangered amphibians than mammals and birds combined) but part of the documentary was filmed in the #frogPOD here at the Garden. The documentary sheds light on the extinction crisis, particularly of the ocean wildlife. Images by @joelsartore were shown of Lemur Leaf Frogs in amplexus and an Eyelash Marsupial Frog, but the Rabbs' Fringe-limbed Tree Frog was particularly highlighted because he is believed to be the very last if his kind. In this picture, I was trying to gently raise his head so he could look proud for his film debut. #Ecnomiohylarabborum #Ecnomiohyla #EndangeredSpecies

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