Friday, April 29, 2016

A digital illustration of one of my favorite species, the Argentine Horned Frog. #Ceratophrys ornata I painted this piece in PhotoShop and the model was this amazing frog from the collections here at the Garden. 1) this frog was a celebrity and was in the local paper when we celebrated his 30th birthday! He got an extra roach that day. 2) I greatly underestimated this frog while feeding it and it jumped up, said screw it to the roach I was holding on forceps, and latched onto my finger. I have a tendency to love grouchy frogs who think they are tougher than me. I love them a lot. Image 3/10 from the '10 beautiful frogs of the world' article coming out this weekend on #GrouchyFrog #HornedFrog #AngryFrog #ManEatingFrog

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