Saturday, May 14, 2016

Federally listed #Frosted Flatwoods Salamander, #Ambystoma #cingulatum. This is one of our three adult animals collected as larvae from South Georgia last year as part of a federal partnership towards the recovery of both species of flatwoods salamander. They have suffered a 90% population decline since 2000, and are at imminent risk of extinction. At the Garden, we are working towards building a captive breeding colony of A. cingulatum and will breed animals to be released into protected as properly managed habitat. The salamander in this picture looks fantastic, as does the other two from last year's collection. We hope to raise the 15 young salamanders we just acquired from Saint Marks Wildlife Refuge and have a breeding group of young, healthy salamanders soon. #Ambystomacingulatum #Ambystomatidae #ambystomatid #FlatwoodsSalamander #FrostedFlatwoodsSalamander #Salamander #SalamanderConservation #AmphibianConservation

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