Saturday, June 25, 2016

Another great visit with Duke University TIP

A few years ago, I had the honor of designing and instructing an amphibian biology course for the Duke University TIP program. Some of the incredible students I worked with back then still intern in the Amphibian Conservation Program. This summer, it was a double pleasure to host them here for a day because one of our conservation interns, Amit Eichenbaum, who worked in out Frosted Flatwoods Recovery Program all last year is now an instructor for Duke TIP.

Duke TIP Instructor, Amit Eichenbaum (left) and her Genetics class visiting the frogPOD @ the Garden. The frogPOD is a collection of endangered Panamanian frogs, and composes one of the rarest collections of frogs in the US. Leslie Phillips, lead amphibian keeper and I are standing back, right.
I spoke with the group about the history of the frogPOD, the 2005 rescue mission with Zoo Atlanta, and the genetic importance of the amphibians inside.

The frogPOD is not open tot he public, but we make rare exceptions for the purposes of research and education.