Sunday, August 14, 2016

Our Beloved Romeo's Surgery was 4 Years Ago Today!

Valerie, Leslie and I helping Gene perform surgery on one of the Garden Bullfrog's leg
For those of you that remember Romeo - the personable Bullfrog from the Aquatic Pond ... His leg surgery, which was necessary as the result of a bird or turtle bite, was 4 years ago today!

Dedicated volunteer and retired physician, Gene performed the surgery, which Romeo fully recovered from despite now being a tripod.

While he still had all of his legs, Romeo was known for approaching visitors, eating bugs right out of your hand, and on this blog is footage of him swimming up and jumping right into the hand of former Amphibian Conservation Scientist at the Garden - Dante Fenolio.

To see all the posts on Romeo, including the footage of him swimming up and jumping into Dante's hand, click the link below: