Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We are very excited to join the Georgia Reptile Experience this Saturday (Oct 22) at the Cobb Galleria Center.

via Instagram http://ift.tt/2eeZGwu

Come and meet with us and talk about amphibians and amphibian conservation! I will be giving a talk at the event @ 11am about the global amphibian extinction crisis and our new Atlanta based non-profit — The Amphibian Foundation.

In a historically unprecedented #extinction event, almost 40% of the world’s amphibians are in decline, or already extinct. This means a simultaneous loss of 2,800 species of #frogs, #salamanders and #caecilians. We will also have some of the reptiles from our teaching collection for Critter Camp so we will have some from both sides of the foul and loathsome creatures!

We will have an large adult Savannah Monitor, Smallwood’s Anoles, a Mossy Gecko, Veiled Chameleons, Snapping Turtles and another turtle that makes a Snapper seem like a teddy bear — Staurotypus, the Giant Musk Turtle. For amphibians, we will have a Tiger-leg Monkey Frog, lots of Poison Frogs, a Horned Frog, and our angriest frog, a Dwarf Hippo Frog that if you like, he will bite you. We will have quite a few native salamanders with us as well if you would like to learn about the amphibians lurking around your own backyard. The expression ‘Foul and Loathsome Creatures’ is a direct quote from Carolus (Carl) Linnaeus, a famous 18th centrury biologist and the creator of the system of binomial nomenclature that we use today to denote Genus and species. Linnaeus equally despised both reptiles and amphibians and is responsible for lumping them together into the group #herpetology … otherwise, these groups are not any more closely related than they are to other groups of vertebrates. I am proud of my life-long obsession with the foul and the loathe some. I also encourage you to look up the rest of Linnaeus’ quote — It’s hilarious. Lastly, our new poster (pictured here) shows our larval Ambystoma logo over a gorgeous ephemeral wetland from south Georgia. Part of the imperiled Long Leaf Pine Ecosystem of which The Gopher Frog and Flatwoods Salamander are indigenous. #FoulAndLoathsome #AmphibianConservation #AmphibianFoundation #The AmphibianFoundation #GARep