Sunday, November 13, 2016

Come on out to the Atlanta Science Tavern @ Manuel’s Saturday, November 26th!

I will be discussing Global Amphibian Declines and the creation of a new non-profit dedicated to the conservation and research of our precious amphibians! For more information, see the AST website: 

From the Atlanta Science Tavern Website: 
Amphibians (frogs, salamanders and caecilians) are a interesting group of vertebrates with a rich global biodiversity. They occur in even the most unlikely places such as the Arctic Circle, deserts, and our urban neighborhoods. Despite this ability to adapt to extreme conditions, amphibians are declining worldwide - from pristine as well as developed environments. Scientists have identified multiple anthropogenic factors contributing synergistically to amphibian declines, which are now affecting almost 40% of the global amphibian population. Therefore, a multifaceted approach is necessary to address the amphibian decline phenomenon. We will explore the major documented causes, as well as some of the most impacted species of the world and Southeast US. We will also cover a few ways in which amphibian declines are being addressed.

This summer in Atlanta, a new non-profit agency formed in response to global amphibian declines. The Amphibian Foundation, located at The Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Buckhead, works with local, state, federal and global partners to focus on species-specific in situ and ex situ research. The foundation also leads education initiatives and ‘citizen science’ urban ecology programs aimed at training and enlisting concerned community members to monitor amphibian populations in their neighborhoods. The final portion of this lecture will be an overview of the new organization, including ways to become involved in amphibian conservation.

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