Saturday, December 3, 2016

Give the Gift of Membership!

via Instagram

Hi Everybody! I apologize for not having much time to post lately. We have been overwhelmed with setting up the new facilities at The Amphibian Foundation. It’s an exciting time, and we are building 2 indoor research labs for amphibians, as well as a huge outdoor breeding and assisted-metamorphosis facility. We still need help! We are $2500 short on our initial set-up costs and are reaching out to the online amphibian community to help raise the last piece, and get us fully set up and ready to raise and breed endangered amphibians. Become a Member of The Amphibian Foundation! Or Give the Gift of Membership! Memberships are available in any amount and are described here. Your contributions go directly to The Amphibian Foundation. Purchase Amphibian Foundation merchandise! Proceeds go directly to The Amphibian Foundation. All of our programs, initiatives and research, as well as ways to get involved are described on our website: #amphibianfoundation #amphibianconservation #racingextinction #endextinction #frogsneedourhelp #frogs #salamanders #conservation