Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Reigning Reptiles Rules! The newest partner of The Amphibian Foundation

Reigning Reptiles in Buford led (and owned) by Cyndi Moore is our newest partner and a huge supporter of The Amphibian Foundation. Besides being the only legit reptile shop in the greater Atlanta area, today they donated a large number of cool, rare, unique and impressive reptiles and amphibians for both our captive breeding and educational programs.

Here is a beautiful and sweet Argentine Boa, Boa contrictor occidentalis donated by Reigning Reptiles on the Amphibian Foundation's logo of Anthony shirt.
The exterior of Reigning Reptiles is awesome!
Cyndi, owner of Reigning Reptiles spending some quality time with 'Princess' a glorious Cane Toad (Rhinella marina) that was donated to The Amphibian Foundation. Princess will be a wonderful ambassador for amphibian conservation.
Giant Leaf-tail Gecko - an incredible species I had never seen before today at Reigning Reptiles. This animal was not for sale.
Crystal, VP of The Amphibian Foundation holding our new Belem Brazil Red-tail Boa, Boa constrictor constrictor.

Toad Party! Crystal and an extra cool Anthony holding some of the larger toad species, Rhinella marina and Anaxyrus alvarius

Crystal holding the Argentine Boa - Ollie

2 respectably sized toad species, the Colorado River Toad (left) and the Suriname Cane or Marine Toad (right)

Smooching the chompers of a relatively friendly Tokay Gecko, Gecko gekko

Crystal and the Extreme Tangerine Milk Snake, which Anthony named Zippy

Anthony and our new female Bearded Dragon - Alex, after Tess and Matt's Bearded Dragon by the same name that we babysat when they went on their honeymoon.

Anthony and the Belem Brazil Boa Constrictor - Matilda

Princess. That's all you have to say.

Anthony with 2 Colorado River Toads

Anthony with the Toad-head Turtle (Phrynops/Mesoclemmys sp.)

We had to show off our toads with our wonderful neighbor, Sheryl :) #ToadHug

Three sets of chompers! To blend in, Nooch had a Jolly Rancher to turn his tongue blue.