Monday, February 13, 2017

Georgia Reptile Society visits (and supports) The Amphibian Foundation!

Amanda Sargent (left) and Justyne Lobello (right) of the Georgia Reptile Society, pictured here in the Critter Lab with Mark and Anthony Mandica.
 Georgia Reptile Society visited yesterday to discuss ways in which we can partner to help conserve amphibians and increase awareness of the conservation concerns surrounding reptiles and amphibians. They also came to donate graphic support in the form of Amphibian Foundation informational brochures, decals and an amazing banner for use at public outreach events. All designed and paid for by the GRS.

We had a great time giving them the grand tour of the facilities and how best to use them to serve the Georgia herp community.

Justyne Lobello,  Founder of the Georgia Reptile Society standing next to The Amphibian Foundation banner that she designed, and the GRS donated.
The GRS vehicle parked at 'Metamorphosis Meadow' - the foundation's part of the Field Research Center at Blue Heron Nature Preserve