Monday, February 6, 2017

This male Splendid Leaf Frog (#Cruziohyla calcarifer) peers out from his perch, just moments after being set up in his new enclosure at The Amphibian Foundation.

via Instagram

This handsome fellow, and many other phyllomedusines were acquired from a generous donation from Mike Novy @ Rainforest Junkies. The private breeders and hobbyists have truly gotten behind the foundation’s mission, and we see it as a wonderful way to connect the hobby with conservation. I first discovered ‘herpetology’, amphibian biology and conservation because my pet Horned Frog (#Ceratophrys ornata) was attacked by an uneaten cricket, and I was sent to discuss this problem to the ‘crazy frog guy’ who had an office in the basement of the Biology Department at UMass. Though my frog never pulled out of the ordeal, it launched a passion and career in me that has only gained momentum in the last 20 years. I would love for The Amphibian Foundation to provide similar experiences for others. This wonderful group of frogs we just acquired will provide valuable training programs for staff, interns and volunteers while we work through rearing them, breeding them in captivity and raising the offspring.

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