Wednesday, March 15, 2017

CBS Sunday Morning comes to the Amphibian Foundation!

Alexis Noel, First Author of our recent publication in the Royal Society of Biology — wired for sound!

Tracy Duncan and David Gladstone get the #SalamanderLab ready for action —

A peak inside the #SalamanderLab during filming Alexis' interview
Faith Salie of CBS Sunday Morning and Alexis

Producer, Anthony Laudato and Princess (Giant Toad, Rhinella marina)

I couldn't decide which Anthony/Princess picture was better

A curious Princess approaches David Gladstone (CBS News Cameraman)

Princess just goes ahead and jumps on his camera

During the frog feeding portion of the show (in the Burrow of Blue Heron Nature Preserve)

Alexis and Faith admiring the beauty of a Red-eyed Leaf Frog, Agalychnis callidryas

Full Crew - Tracy Duncan (sound), David Gladstone (Camera), Faith Salie (Correspondent) and Anthony Laudata (Producer) ... and of course, Princess

'Ready for your close-up?'

There wasn't much free time, but Faith and Princess had time for female-bonding
We will keep you posted when this episode airs! It could be soon or it could be months from now!