Saturday, May 6, 2017

Isn't the word #conserve kinda but right into 'conservatism'? Come on people, our Earth is dying an unnatural death. We are working hard to save our previous Amphibians, but that is such a small piece. What good are conservation breeding programs if there is no where to release the offspring? Water quality, our #wetlands, the #EndangeredSpeciesAct, protected habitats - they are all on the line right now. Yes, Amphibians, like this #CriticallyEndangered Lemur Leaf Frog are some of the first animals to respond to imbalances in the environment - and they are responding! Recent updates estimate that 43% of the world's Amphibians are in decline or already extinct. Help us join together and do something positive for our global Amphibian communities. #amphibian #amphibians #frog #frogs #FrogsOfInstagram #LeafFrog #Phyllomedusine

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